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Many Scottsdale, Glendale, and Phoenix facelift patients have benefited from the skill and experience of Dr. Angelchik. In the paragraphs below, he describes the facelift procedure. Laser resurfacing, injectable fillers, non-invasive laser and IPL treatments, as well as better skin care products have all made an impact. Yet, at a certain point for many patients, surgery becomes the logical alternative to achieve a smoother jaw line, neckline, and cheek area.

Facelift Options

Facelift - Facial Plastic Surgery in Glendale, AZ - Dr. Paul Angelchik

Facelift procedures have evolved from just tightening skin to being able to redistribute soft tissue to gain a more youthful look. Repositioning and tightening of deeper connective tissues in the face adds shaping and enhances durability of these procedures. A SMAS (superficial nusculo-aponeurotic system) facelift tightens the deeper muscle and connective tissue beneath the skin.

A MACS (minimal access cranial suspension) lift is a short scar procedure that lifts the jaw line and cheeks in a natural vertical vector. An excellent option for patients in their 40’s, it can be combined with a neck lift if loose skin and muscle bands under the chin are becoming an issue.  Skin care, injectable fillers, laser resurfacing, eyelid tucks, and brow lifts can complete the facial rejuvenation package. Shorter scar incision patterns are very commonly used, avoiding lengthy neck and scalp incisions. Dr. Angelchik will work with you to select the right procedure based on your anatomy and a thorough discussion of options at the time of your consultation.

Learn about the Short Scar Facelift.

Major facelift complications are rare.

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In addition to facelift, Dr. Angelchik also performs other facial plastic surgery procedures in his Glendale facial plasitc surgery practice. Visit these pages in the website to learn about how Dr. Angelchik treats rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, laser skin resurfacing and brow lift and forehead lift patients.