Laser IPL Treatments

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Claro Light & Skin Therapeutics™ offers the latest in Syneron™ laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. We believe it is the best on the market at this time. Syneron's proprietary technology combines light energy from a laser or IPL with radiofrequency energy (RF) to deliver better results more safely.

Bipolar RF, a highly-controllable energy heat source, works synergistically with optical energy to:

  • Enable use of light energy at a level that is safe for all skin types (less optical energy compared to conventional lasers and IPLs)
  • Pose no additional risk to the epidermis
  • Precisely target areas “preheated” by optical energy and avoid cool areas

Laser & IPL Treatments


Numerous safety and performance features are incorporated in the systems including contact cooling, active monitoring of dermal temperature, tissue impedance feedback to determine power levels, and contact check to prevent energy discharge if RF rails are not properly coupled.


The Syneron eLight  used for IPL FotofacialRF treatments is designed for pigmentation (brown spots), spider veins, large pores, rough texture, fine lines, and redness (great on rosacea and flushing). Combined with Levulan®, it can also produce excellent results for acne treatment.

Laser & IPL TreatmentsThis device also incorporates an infrared laser head with radiofrequency energy to perform the ReFirmeST treatment which tightens and firms the skin, stimulating new collagen formation and smoothing folds and wrinkles with no downtime and virtually no pain. A series of  FotofacialRF and ReFirmeST treatments can be combined for the best in light based skin rejuvenation. Combine it with injectables, a skin care program, and Parisian Peel ® microdermabrasion, and you have the ultimate non-surgical age defying package.

The Syneron eLaser performs rapid laser hair removal on all skin types and most hair colors, again combining a diode laser with radiofrequency energy to achieve permanent hair reduction.  We use a powerful, new Synercool chiller to make your treatment comfortable.

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