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The term otoplasty refers to procedures that reshape the ear when it protrudes from the skull more prominently than is usual. This is generally due to a congenital condition that is present from birth. Otoplasty ear surgery can correct the misshapen cartilage to help the ear lie flatter against the head for a more natural appearance.

The Procedure

Prominent ears result from abnormalities in the cartilage of the ear. If caught early enough, the cartilage may be molded in infancy to correct this problem. After 6 months of age, molding is usually not beneficial. Treatment then is surgical, at the appropriate age, which may be before starting grade school at age 5-6 or older. Surgery involves an incision behind the ear and sometimes inside the cup of the ear. Some cartilage is removed and the remainder shaped with sutures to flatten the ear against the head as is normal.

Dr. Angelchik performs otoplasty surgery on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia . For the first week following surgery, the patient will wear a bulky, protective head dressing, then move to a headband for the next 12 weeks to control and protect the position of the ear. Scars are carefully hidden in the natural creases of the ear. Pain medication and antibiotics will be prescribed following surgery and you can expect the swelling to resolve over the next several months. In some cases, relapse may occur and would require some revision; however, most patients have an excellent result from the start.

Major otoplasty complications are rare.

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