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skin care products

Claro Skin & Light Therapeutics offers you the best quality skin care products available, designed to achieve visible results. Many of these products are only available through physicians because they are best used in a supervised skincare program. Unlike many department store formulations, our products actually work! Higher concentrations of active ingredients in products which are scientifically formulated to achieve better penetration into the skin translate into healthier, smoother, better-looking skin. There are an almost unlimited number of skin care products and companies. We carry what we know to be safe and effective. Additional products are added if they convey a unique benefit not available from something we already have. We are very selective about what we stock so we can stand behind it. If it's on the shelf here, we think it's good for your skin and a good value. There are a lot of expensive products in fine stores which, simply stated, have minimal effectiveness. Talk with our aesthetician Jana Dreebin at Claro to find the products that will work best for you. You’ll definitely see the difference.

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