I was born and raised in the Czech Republic. I came to the United States in 1996. My career included fashion design and clothing engineering. Many years of designing high quality garments and keen attention to details brought me to my second passion, skincare. As a Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technician I am fortunate to have gained a decade of experience in the plastic surgery industry and the use of medical grade skin care products.
Jana K. Dreebin Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technician
I have been working closely with Dr. Angelchik since 2006, helping patients to reach their skin care goals. I am dedicated to my field, constantly continuing my education and striving to be at the leading edge of the latest in advanced skin care rejuvenation.

My clients come to me for a consultation and treatment because they have usually tried everything else on their skin and they just cannot see the results they are looking for. I help people treat pigmenation, acne, melasma, redness, rosacea, capillaries, wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, unevenness in skin color and texture to restore the glow in their complexion.

I focus and guide each client towards results by setting a proper skin care program in combination with in- office treatments such as medical grade peels, lasers and a home care treatment system. I believe each client is different and needs a custom designed and tailored approach to their skin care. It is very important to me that each of my skin care clients are comfortable, fully understand the treatment plan, the time that will be needed to start seeing results, and that the plan fits within their budget. That is why most of my clients come from referrals. Nothing makes me happier than a happy skin care client. Maybe you can be the next one.

Outside my passion for skin care I enjoy my time at the gym, hiking, running, rollerblading, yoga and spending time with my family, that consists of my husband Bob, our daughter Nikol,  our two little Maltese dogs Bosco and Maggie Mae, my dear friends, my sweet mother and brother from the Czech Republic.