Breast Reconstruction & Augmentation Surgery

Acellular collagen matrix is a filler material made out of processed collagen that has had all of the cellular material removed. It is an effective tool used to correct breast augmentation complications during revision surgery, and it has proven to be highly effective in many breast reconstruction procedures.

At your initial consultation, Phoenix and Glendale breast surgeon Dr. Paul Angelchik will evaluate your unique circumstances and aesthetic goals in order to determine whether acellular collagen matrix will provide you with the exceptional results you deserve.

Acellular Collagen Matrix for Correcting Breast Augmentation Complications

Acellular collagen matrix can be used to help correct the following breast augmentation complications:

  • Improperly positioned breast implants
  • Rippling

In some cases, the breast implant may be improperly positioned downward or to the side. Acellular collagen matrix can be used to provide extra support for the implant so that it can be repositioned in the proper location.

Rippling often occurs when there is insufficient breast tissue to properly cover the implant. By using acellular collagen matrix, Dr. Angelchik can provide extra thickness to the breast tissue in the region, hiding the rippling.

Acellular Collagen Matrix Use in Breast Reconstruction

Tissue expanders are commonly used in breast reconstruction procedures in order to expand the chest muscle and breast skin so that it can accommodate the implant. This is a time-consuming process that takes several months to complete. In certain situations, acellular collagen matrix may be used in conjunction with tissue expanders and breast implants to provide more natural looking results.

Acellular collagen matrix can be stitched into the sides of the breast muscle or along the inframammary fold to further build up the pocket which will house the breast implant. It also provides better coverage of the implant edges, resulting in a more natural-looking result.

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