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Exercise with Breast Implants

Get the Perfect Size & Shape with Breast Augmentation

Many women who choose breast augmentation enjoy active lifestyles, and exercise in general is beneficial to your overall health.

However, it’s important to resume physical activity slowly and according to the recommendations of Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Angelchik after you have received breast implants.

During the immediate recovery period, you should limit your physical activity. Most patients can resume limited, low-impact exercise such as walking and some types of stretching within a couple days following breast augmentation surgery.

As you heal, you can resume other low-impact, cardio-based exercises. Within a week or two after breast augmentation, walking will remain the best form of exercise, although most women are also able to engage in light cycling or the use of a stationary bike. During this time, you should wear appropriate support garments and avoid activities that involve running, jumping or stress to the arms and pectoral areas, such as swimming.

Around two to three weeks after your breast augmentation surgery, you can begin exercises that target your lower body. Upper body workouts should be postponed until your breast implants have settled and you have healed completely; this is typically around four to six weeks for most women, and Dr. Angelchik will clear you for increased physical activity as you recover.

Although breast implants will not affect your ability to engage in athletics, you may notice some differences in the way you feel as you participate in certain activities, such as running, swimming and tennis. It’s advised to wear a good, supportive sports bra when you exercise after breast augmentation.

Following Dr. Angelchik’s recovery and exercise guidelines will also help ensure that you heal properly while minimizing your risks for side-effects.

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation, please contact the office of Phoenix cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul Angelchik to schedule your personal consultation.

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