Rhinoplasty Risks and Complications

Glendale-area residents considering a rhinoplasty to reduce or re-shape their noses should be confident in Dr. Paul Angelchik. The rhinoplasty is a commonly performed procedure with an excellent safety record, and Dr. Angelchik has decades of experience performing nose surgery.

Still, surgery is always a serious matter, and there are risks to a rhinoplasty just as there are with every other procedure.

Dr. Angelchik will explain all the risks and potential complications before you undergo your rhinoplasty. Those include:

  • Infection
  • Anesthesia allergies
  • Bleeding
  • Injuries to the septum
  • Irritation and other skin damage
  • Nasal blockages

These complications are rare, and it always helps to go to a top-notch rhinoplasty doctor. Dr. Angelchik has been performing nose surgeries for decades, which means he knows exactly what to expect from the procedure.

He’ll be able to minimize the risk of complications from your rhinoplasty.

If you live in the Glendale, Arizona area and you want to give yourself a more attractive nose, rhinoplasty might be right for you. Please contact Dr.Paul Angelchik, MD today.

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