As popular as breast augmentation is, it might not be the right procedure for everyone. Besides meeting basic requirements for the procedure, women who are considering breast augmentation should carefully weigh several factors in their decision. During an initial consultation, Dr. Angelchik will help you determine whether or not you are a good candidate for breast augmentation.

Generally, ideal candidates for breast augmentation:

  • Are in excellent health
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Are 18+ years old (for saline implants), or 22+ years old (for silicone implants)
  • Are not pregnant or planning to become pregnant in the near future

Age and Breast Augmentation

Physically, the best candidates for breast augmentation are healthy adults with fully-developed breasts.

According to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons:

  • 35% of breast augmentations are performed on women in their 30s
  • 30% are performed on women in their 20s

Other than the FDA’s minimum age limit, there is virtually no upper age limit for breast augmentation. If you are in good health and free of any major medical conditions, breast augmentation can enhance your life at any age.

Pregnancy and Breast Augmentation

Women who are planning to have children in the future are not necessarily ruled out as breast augmentation candidates, but you may want to wait until you are finished having children before undergoing this procedure. Changes in your breasts’ size and volume during pregnancycan negatively affect the results of breast augmentation, making revision surgery necessary later in life. In a small percentage of patients, breast augmentation may limit the ability to breastfeed.

If you have more questions about breast augmentation candidacy in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Glendale, Arizona, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Angelchik, MD today to schedule a personal consultation. We can help you decide whether breast augmentation is right for you.