Quiz – Is a Butt Lift Right for You?

If you would like to have a more voluptuous and sculpted backside, then you may be considering a butt lift procedure. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Angelchik, offers invasive butt lift procedures as well as the more popular and less-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift. To find out if a butt lift is right for you, please take […]

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How to Recover From a Brazilian Butt Lift

It’s important to be prepared when recovering from any form of plastic surgery, but buttock augmentation such as the Brazilian butt lift has specific limitations to be wary of. The most vital aspect to remember after your procedure is to be careful not to sit directly on your bottom. However, there are many steps to keep in […]

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The Secret to a Good Mommy Makeover

Every new mother is overwhelmed with joy at the arrival of their new child.  In addition, you may also be concerned about getting your pre-pregnancy body back.  The physical changes brought on by pregnancy and nursing may be challenging to reverse with mere diet and exercise.  That is why Mommy Makeover plastic surgery is such a popular […]

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