One of the most important decisions you will make during the breast augmentation process is your choice of surgeon. When performed by a highly skilled, experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, breast augmentation can be a life changing experience that gives you a renewed love of your body.

Choose a surgeon who cares about you

Breast augmentation is deeply personal, and it is important to work with a plastic surgeon who truly cares about helping you achieve all of your aesthetic goals. At your initial consultation, pay attention to how carefully the plastic surgeon listens to you. Does he answer all of your questions to your satisfaction? Does he make you feel comfortable? Does he address all of your aesthetic goals?

There are many decisions to be made during the pre-operative stage of your procedure. Your breast augmentation surgeon should make recommendations that reflect your unique body type and desired results. Make sure he thoroughly discusses all of your options for the following factors:

Board Certification

It is important to carefully examine the qualifications of your breast augmentation surgeon. One of the best indicators that a surgeon possesses the necessary skills and experience to deliver the exceptional results you deserve is board certification.

In order to receive board certification, a plastic surgeon must undergo specialized training consisting of:

  • Graduation from an accredited medical school
  • Completion of at least five years of a general surgery residency
  • Completion of at least two years of a residency devoted specifically to plastic surgery

In addition, a surgeon must pass comprehensive written and oral exams demonstrating his mastery of plastic surgery. Board certification is not bestowed for a lifetime. It must be maintained and renewed. By requiring periodic recertification, the American Board of Plastic Surgery ensures that all of its members remain up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology available.

Choosing Dr. Angelchik

When you choose to work with Dr. Angelchik, you can be confident that you are working with a surgeon who has the education and experience necessary to provide you with the best possible outcome for your procedure. Dr. Angelchik is board certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

To schedule your consultation with Glendale breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Angelchik, please call 602-375-8888or contact Paul Angelchik MD today.