Situation: Patient who lives in Tokyo wanted a breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Interviewer: Can you first tell me the circumstances that led you to finding out about cosmetic surgeon Dr. Angelchik? What procedure were you interested in having done?
Akiko: Well, I live in Tokyo and had been thinking about getting a breast augmentation for awhile. I was going to have the procedure done by a Japanese doctor, but it was a lot more expensive to have the procedure done in Japan. My husband and I had been talking about taking a vacation and wanted to go someplace we hadn’t been before, so I was interested in seeing if we could combine my surgery with a vacation. So I started looking on the Internet for a board-certified plastic surgeon in the US. I visited a Web site with testimonials from breast augmentation patients and learned about Dr. Angelchik from another patient’s testimonial. I then visited a few chat rooms for information on breast augmentation and a few women (both living inside and outside of Arizona) said they had heard about him; one woman living in Arizona said she heard he was very good.

Interviewer: Have you visited Dr. Angelchik’s web site?
Akiko: Yes, after finding out about Dr. Angelchik, I went to his Web site to look at the  “Before” and “After” Phoenix breast augmentation pictures, and I thought his breast augmentation results were amazing. When I went to see the Tokyo doctor, he showed me the ” Before”s and ” After”s on another doctor’s Web site! I felt increasingly comfortable after I saw how much experience Dr. Angelchik had performing breast augmentations.

Interviewer: What drove your decision to come such a long distance to see Dr. Angelchik in particular?
Akiko: Well, I e-mailed Dr. Angelchik as well as a few other doctors in the US after visiting some different Web sites. First of all, the other doctors I e-mailed responded very slowly, but Dr. Angelchik responded the very next day, and every time I e-mailed him with questions and information, he provided information in a very timely fashion. I decided to keep going with him since I didn’t have to wait for e-mails – he was very responsive and understanding of my situation and tried to do everything he could to help me achieve what I wanted.

Also, with some of the other doctors, they either said ” we can’t do anything with you, because you’re too small to get a good result,” or said ” we can do whatever you want.” But Dr. Angelchik responded in a really cool way – he said ” we can probably help you, but we need to see you first to make a good assessment of realistic options for you.” Also, he sounded friendly and approachable.

Interviewer: Describe your impression when you came to Dr. Angelchik’s office for the first time.
Akiko: The office was beautiful and relaxing and the office staff was very sweet. I felt nervous at my first appointment, but the atmosphere was comforting and made me relax immediately. I was also happy because everything was very clean and I thought this was a good thing. Other doctors’ offices I have been to have looked either too sterile or dirty, or at least gave me the impression of being dirty. Also, I thought Dr. Angelchik gave off a cool vibe when I met him…he made me feel comfortable as soon as I met him.

Interviewer: If you had to pick one or two characteristics that would define your experience to-date with Dr. Angelchik’s office, what would those be?
Akiko: Amazing.

Interviewer: What were your top three criteria in selecting a plastic surgeon?
Akiko: For me, it was the doctor’s experience in doing breast augmentations, the personality of the doctor, and other peoples’ testimonials about him. Since I couldn’t come in for a consultation, I had to depend on the Internet and e-mails for these things.

Interviewer: As a patient from outside of the US, how satisfied were you with the help that Dr. Angelchik’s office provided in making arrangements?
Akiko: It was perfect…the staff gave me help on where to go and where to stay.

Interviewer: What would be the two or three things you’d mention about your experience with Dr. Angelchik if you were asked by a friend considering plastic surgery? How comfortable would you be recommending him to others?
Akiko: I would tell her that she should do it…and that every aspect of my experience went beyond my expectations. In fact, my sister wants to get it done and I’ve already recommended that she go see Dr. Angelchik. I would tell anyone to go to Dr. Angelchik because I think he’s the best.