Interviewer: Thanks so much for speaking with us, Alicia. You recently had surgery with Phoenix cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Angelchik, is that right?
Alicia: Yes, in March of this year, 2003.

Interviewer: What procedure did you undergo?
Alicia: I had a tummy tuck

Interviewer: Can you give us some background about when you started thinking seriously about having plastic surgery?
Alicia: I started thinking about it probably a year before that…my sister had a tummy tuck done in Washington and liked it and she looked good, so I started looking around.

Interviewer: What motivated you at the time?
Alicia: I had three C-sections and my stomach area was just a mess, so I decided it was time to do something about it. So I just went ahead and did it!

Interviewer: Let’s talk about your process of selecting a plastic surgeon – can you tell us how you went about it?
Alicia: I just started looking on line and found a few doctors, including Dr. Angelchik and two other plastic surgeons.

Interviewer: What were some of your concerns about having plastic surgery?
Alicia: Well, I have some health issues. I have lupus, so I was concerned about just having a safe, elective procedure.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to make an appointment at Dr. Angelchik’s office?
Alicia: I looked at his Web site and I thought it was a very nice, professional-looking site, and I liked the fact that he had more than one location.

Dr. Angelchik’s receptionist was also very friendly on the phone. She sent me some paperwork, and the presentation of all the paperwork was organized and professionally done, and it was all neatly presented in a nice folder. It wasn’t a bunch of badly copied sheets.

Interviewer: What about your interaction specifically with Dr. Angelchik led you choose him as your surgeon?
Alicia: Well, I met with Dr. Angelchik and just liked him. I thought he was very direct and honest. At the end of the consult, he even said, ” If you decide not to go with me, I can give you a list of reputable people.” I felt he was actually concerned about me getting the best result possible.

The other two doctors who I saw explained the procedures the same way that Dr. Angelchik did, except they told me I would have the procedure in a surgery center and would be going home the same day. However, because I have lupus, Dr. Angelchik said that he wanted me to spend the night in the hospital, and told me that while it would cost more, he thought it would be safer. After I left the hospital the day after I had the procedure, I felt really cared for, and he followed up with me at home just to make sure everything was going okay.

Dr. Angelchik was just more comprehensive from a total patient approach, and wanted to make sure I was treated for my lupus prior to the surgery. He said that he wanted to talk to my rheumatologist before we moved forward. He was the only doctor who said that of the doctors I saw. The others said they wanted my rheumatologist to sign the release stating it was okay for me to have surgery.

I also thought Dr. Angelchik was very conscientious about achieving good aesthetic results. I felt he didn’t just want to do the job, but wanted to do it perfectly.

Interviewer: Describe for me your interaction with Dr. Angelchik’s office right before and after your surgery.
Alicia: When I decided to go forward with the surgery, they gave me a lot of information regarding what to expect before, after and during the surgery, as well as about side effects from the surgery. I felt like the materials explained things very well, so that I was well prepared.

Interviewer: How would you describe the recovery period after your surgery in comparison to what you expected?
Alicia: Actually, it was easier than expected. Spending a night in the hospital really helped, since I stayed in one position the whole night and the rest of the day. Dr. Angelchik gave me a painkiller to take, but I didn’t even take all of it. He also told me that the discomfort I would feel would not be as bad as a C-section, and he was right.

Interviewer: How accurately did Dr. Angelchik and his staff describe the process and experience of having plastic surgery to you?
Alicia: Perfectly accurately – it was exactly what I thought it would be like. In fact, I was expecting something worse. I did have to wear a compression garment for several weeks, but it helped. Actually, the procedure really was better than I thought it would be.

Interviewer: Now that you’ve had plastic surgery, how happy are you with the results?
Alicia: It’s been the best thing- my clothes just fit differently. I had so much loose skin, that I couldn’t wear anything form-fitting. I couldn’t even wear jeans, it was just unsightly. I used to have to wear long, concealing shirts to go below hips, because above the C-section line, I had a roll of skin that you could see through the jeans. Now, I can wear form-fitting dresses.

Interviewer: Would you recommend Dr. Angelchik to other women who are interested in plastic surgery?
Alicia: Absolutely. In fact, a women I work with who took me home from the hospital after my surgery was really impressed with Dr. Angelchik and is planning on calling him about surgery after she loses some weight.

Interviewer: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, Alicia.