Interviewer: Janet, can you give us some background about why you decided to seek skin care treatment in the first place?

Janet: I had eye surgery and realized my eyes looked good, but thought the rest of my skin looks older, doesn’t have a nice, youthful appearance, has sun spots, just has an older look, and I was thinking, if you have the nice eyes you should have nice skin as well.  So I had all of this good stuff going on, but my skin didn’t have the look I wanted.  Then, Dr. Angelchik said, if you really want to look at skin care someday, I’m not pushing you, but I highly recommend that you take a look at Obagi and talk to our aesthetician…I don’t normally recommend stuff but this stuff is amazing.

Interviewer: How long ago was this?

Janet:   About a year ago.

Interviewer: What were some of your concerns about the Obagi?

Janet: I didn’t really have any concerns… I knew it was going to be expensive, but I was told it’s a good product.  And then I started thinking, you know, you go to Neiman’s and you buy a little jar of cream, and you pay $80 for it…and I’m thinking, you know what?  There’s not any difference if you sit at the makeup counter and they say do you want some of this, some of that, some of this, you can easily walk out of there $350 later, and I thought, wait a minute – who am I kidding?  This is actually not a bad price!

Interviewer: What did you think about the product line when you were told about it?  Did anything sound particularly appealing? Unappealing? Unrealistic?

Janet: What was appealing is that it would take away the sun spots, give me a more youthful appearance, and would take off the old, dead cells, because I knew that I wasn’t really doing good skin care.  I thought if I was going to spend the time and money to get a youthful appearance then I should really take it to the next level….I didn’t want my skin to look like old leather.  If you really want consistency in your face, then you have to look at your skin, too.

Nothing seemed unrealistic in what they told me at Dr. Angelchik’s office…one of the office staff members was using Obagi and her face looked great…she said it really works.  The thing I was amazed about is when I was told I wouldn’t need any foundation.  I was told that most of the Obagi patients didn’t need foundation because there was nothing that needed to be covered up.  The office staff person told me she didn’t have any foundation on, and one of the other staff members said the same thing, and I wanted to be able to do that too.  

Interviewer: What was your skin care regimen prior to the Obagi?

Janet: I would wash my face at night…I can’t even remember what I used…something like Oil of Olay scrub and then I put on cream at night…I tried Murad…and that was okay, I could see a little bit of a difference.  It was decent stuff, but it didn’t give the dramatic result that all of those types of things promise…you know, she looked like she was 70, now it looks like she’s 25…no, that didn’t happen.

Interviewer: Tell me about what your thoughts were when you were shown the Obagi products.

Janet: Well the thing that I really thought was amazing was that I was looking for something in the Obagi system that was a moisturizer, and there really wasn’t anything like that, which was oily or seemed to be moisturizing…and I thought what they were showing me was going to dry my face out because my face was already so dry.  I kept thinking this can’t be – it won’t work, because my face is so dry, and the aesthetician said trust us, and then when they showed me how much of the product I’d have to use, I said, no way – I’m used to using much more of a product than that!

I also initially thought that the system had a lot of steps that would be hard to remember, but it becomes routine so easily and you don’t need that much and the product goes so far.  The product lasts a long time because you don’t need that much in a single application.

Interviewer:  How would you describe your Obagi experience so far?  What types of results have you seen? Do you feel you have benefited from the treatment?  If so, how?

Janet: When I started using the product, I first noticed that my face started peeling within 2 days…I noticed that it started to get dry and flaky.  My face also got red; it looked like I had a really bad sunburn, because my face was peeling.   I peeled for 2-3 weeks, but I thought, this is a good thing, because I never used a product where it seemed like all of the old skin was sloughing off.  The aesthetician told me not to rub my face – she really gave me good directions on what to do.

After that, it was still a little bit red, but I noticed people starting saying ‘wow, your skin looks really good.’ That started happening probably about a month and a half after starting the product.  I also saw for myself a dramatic difference in my face – the sun spots were gone, and it felt softer, smoother, kind of like a baby’s bottom – more youthful.   The thing that I really noticed was my face wasn’t dry anymore; it retained the moisture.  All of a sudden, my face had its own internal moisture system.

Before Obagi, when I was getting ready to meet friends after work, I’d look at my face in the mirror and say, oh, I look older than dirt and think, what am I going to do now? So I’d always have a lot of oil or moisturizer that I’d put around my eyes or on my face at the end of the day, because my face looked kind of dry and cracked.  The biggest difference in two or three months with Obagi is now I never need to do anything special with my face at the end of the day, because I say, hmm, looks the same as it did this morning – youthful – not wrinkled, not dry and I never have to add any moisturizer.  I just do my regimen once in the morning and it stays moist the whole day.

Interviewer: Do you think there’s anything unique about Obagi compared to other skin care lines you’ve tried?  If so, what?

Janet: It’s totally different for me, because I was so used to having to slather on the lotion and trying to always stay ahead of my eyes looking dry, underneath my eyes.  Now, I put my makeup on once and I don’t wear any face makeup, and then I’ll just put on a little loose powder to tone it up, but I don’t really have to, because its even toned, there’s no sun spots, but the thing that’s amazing to me is that my skin’s always moist – its just not dry…the Obagi is good… it is good!

Interviewer: How accurately was Obagi described to you versus what you experienced? What is the best thing about Obagi, in your opinion? Are there any downsides of the product line? What three words would you use to describe Obagi?

Janet: What was told to me was accurate…they didn’t build up my expectations…I was more pleased than I expected to be. Obagi superseded all of my expectations regarding what the product could really do. The best thing about Obagi is that my face has never looked this youthful and I don’t have to wear makeup and my face looks good, I’m happy with it – I don’t have to worry about it.  The only thing you need to be careful about is being in the sun…you need to keep your face covered, especially in the beginning.   The aesthetician was really good about telling me to shield my face from the sun.

Three words I would use to describe Obagi are amazing, moisturizing and revolutionary…it really is amazing stuff.

Interviewer: What would be your recommendation to those interested in Obagi?

Janet: I’ve told my friends about Obagi, because they saw the difference in my skin.  I  told them if they ever want to do something for their skin and are tired of going to the department store and figuring out what’s going to work the best, Obagi is amazing.

The other day I saw a woman who I hadn’t seen in awhile and she looked at me and told me I looked amazing.   I told her I use a good skin care product, because I really think it’s my skin that looks so good and your whole face needs to go together.

I would tell somebody interested in improving their skin that if they want to use a product that does exactly what they promise and goes beyond your expectations in terms of what you think your skin can look like at your age, or any age for that matter, then you need to try Obagi, because it will exceed your expectations for what a product can do.  All of the other products I’ve used – the Murad, the department products – advertised differences, but nothing has been as dramatic as Obagi.

Interviewer: Thanks so much for your time, Janet.

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