Interviewer: When did you start going to Dr. Angelchik’s office for skin care treatment?
Janice: It’s been over a year now.

Interviewer: When was the last time you were at Dr. Angelchik’s office for skin care treatment before the appointment you just had today?
Janice: About a month ago – I go to get monthly treatments.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to seek skin care treatment?
Janice: Well, I had red blotches and little red spider veins on my face. I wasn’t up for dermabrasion as a starting point, so I decided to start with a more moderate type of treatment. When I was seeing Dr. Angelchik for breast reconstruction therapy, I started reading some of the skin care brochures he had in the waiting room. Then I met Angela, Dr. Angelchik’s aesthetician, and decided to try it. I really appreciate that the office staff is always so light-hearted and positive.

Interviewer: Do you use skin care products from Dr. Angelchik’s office? What do you think about them?
Janice: Well, the products work together, and when they’re used together, they make a big difference! So, I use the facial soap, a few different facial lotions, and lip therapy. Plus, I’m also trying out the new Colorescience® makeup, which is great since it’s makeup that also conditions and moisturizes the skin. Now, I have no dry patches like I used to, less wrinkles, less redness and softer skin. I really love the makeup – it blends very well and doesn’t crack like a lot of makeup does in the Arizona climate.

Interviewer: How would you describe the treatment experiences that you’ve had to-date?
Janice: Exhilarating, educational, and fun. Exhilarating, because when I leave Dr. Angelchik’s office, my skin feels good…and it’s not just for today, but it lasts until my next treatment a month later. I’ve had facials in quote, unquote ” spas,” and those last a day, if that. These seem to last until you get one again. Educational, because Angela teaches you how to take of your skin, and she doesn’t make it a complicated type of process. There are a variety of regimens you can choose from, so she makes it easy for you.

It’s also fun, because the feeling at Dr. Angelchik’s office is very down-to-earth, and not overwhelming, so it very comfortable for me. It’s important when you go to a doctor’s office that the staff isn’t mulling around, looking distracted. If the staff seems distracted, the environment isn’t positive and people aren’t paying attention to you, why would you want to come back? At Dr. Angelchik’s office, somebody is always there to greet and take care of me, and the staff all cross-cover for each other. With as many visits as I’ve had, there really hasn’t been one bad one.

Interviewer: How would you describe, Dr. Angelchik’s aesthetician and why?
Janice: Angela is excellent! She is aware of patients, and knows who you are when you come to the office. She makes a point of knowing what your skin care issues are, and knows you as the patient and the person. She also listens well. If you have any issues or anything you need to discuss, she listens and answers your questions, and if she doesn’t have the answers, she finds them. Angela is always upbeat no matter what day and time, and I’ve seen her at different times of the day. She is always very positive.

Interviewer: How would you rate your last treatment and why?
Janice: Also excellent. I have pictures of me before and even my sons have made comments! Friends have made comments as well, like ” How come you’re not aging like the rest of us?” It’s really nice to be called ” miss” instead of ” ma’am!”

Interviewer: How would you rate the home care program in terms of ease of use?
Janice: It’s easy…I don’t have to measure anything out or leave anything on for a certain time, and I don’t have to put anything on between certain times. Everything is very natural, so it works with your skin instead of against it.

Interviewer: Would you recommend skin care treatment at Dr. Angelchik’s office to others?
Janice: Not only would I, but I already have. I got my sister to come here – she has large pores and redness on her face. After coming here, her skin has changed tremendously. She noticed my skin was looking better than hers, and she’s four years younger than me. At first, she said to me ” I’ve been to spas and had facials,” and I replied, ” there are facials, and there are facials…the way they do it at Dr. Angelchik’s office is different than what they do in spas.” Here, it’s under the care of a licensed aesthetician…and the aesthetician has in-depth knowledge about your skin, because they take a history on you and know your allergies or anything else pertinent about your medical history. In a spa, you’re in there for an hour, and they don’t know you from Adam. They don’t take your history and rarely ask about allergies. The skin care programs at Dr. Angelchik’s office are in a completely different category.

Interviewer: Were you aware that Dr. Angelchik will be sending out information about skin care in his new newsletter?
Janice: No, but I’m definitely interested in receiving it. The more I can learn about taking care of my skin, the better!

Interviewer: Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, Janice.