Conducted 10/16/02

Breast Augmentation Procedure
Breast Augmentation Results

Interviewer: Thanks so much for speaking with us, Linda. You recently had surgery with Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. Angelchik, is that right?
Linda: Yes, August 16, 2002.

Interviewer: What procedure did you undergo?
LindaBreast augmentation, with the incision under the breast.

Interviewer: Can you give us some background about when you started thinking seriously about having plastic surgery?
Linda: Probably about 9 months before I called his office.

Interviewer: What motivated you at the time?
Linda: Well, I had a child and my body just wasn’t the same. I think it really had to do with self-esteem. I wanted my breasts to be back where they used to be.

Interviewer: Let’s talk about your process of selecting a plastic surgeon – can you tell us how you went about it?
Linda: I actually met with a couple of physicians and have four girlfriends who had the same procedure done within the past year and a half. I went to see their doctors as well. I had heard of Dr. Angelchik and then there was mention of him in Phoenix Top Docs in a magazine about a couple of years ago. I kept that article because I was thinking even back then about having the procedure done.

I initially had contact with 6 physicians and had consults, been to their Web sites and had information sent to me.

When I called Dr. Angelchik’s office, my first impression of his patient coordinator was phenomenal. She answered every question and was very sincere and she had the procedure done not too long ago from what I understood. She could totally relate to my anxieties… I had a lot of questions about how I was going to feel afterwards. Then I met with Dr. Angelchik and I just clicked with him the best out of all the doctors I had met.

Interviewer: What were some of your concerns or fears about having breast enhancement surgery?
Linda: One of my fears was loss of nipple sensation. I have lost none of that and I am so pleased. All of my girlfriends who had the same procedure all have lost sensation in one of their breasts.

I also was afraid of scarring, but I had seen some of Dr. Angelchik’s work on his Web site and saw that the scars were minimal and were going to be hidden in the fold of the breast. The Web site helped confirm my opinion of Dr. Angelchik, because when I saw his Web site, I said to myself, if he can make some of these women look this beautiful, he must know what he’s doing. Some of the women were amazing after their procedures. I’ve seen some of the other doctors who put these wonderful pictures on their Web sites and then I’ve seen some of their work in person, and I’ve said to myself, wow, that does not look like the girl on the Web site.

I was also afraid that my breasts might look asymmetrical, and was also concerned that they might not look natural – looking natural was my big thing. I didn’t want to walk into a room and have people know that I’d had augmentation. And I can tell you that even the people who know I’ve had it done are amazed at what a marvelous job he did. People do not know – even when I’m in a swimsuit.

Interviewer: How did you hear about Dr. Angelchik?
Linda: Through my work at a radiology facility where we did mammographies, X-rays and ultrasounds – that sort of thing.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to make an appointment at Dr. Angelchik’s office?
Linda: I had done some research on Dr. Angelchik and his work and was very pleased with what I found out about him.

Interviewer: What about your experience with Dr. Angelchik’s staff led you to decide to choose Dr. Angelchik as your plastic surgeon?
Linda: I made the initial contact with Dr. Angelchik’s patient coordinator and that was wonderful. I think I called her 3 or 4 times before I made the appointment and she was very patient with me and helpful, so I was pretty prepared when I went into the office. I felt very well-informed about him and that made me feel very confident.

The women staff in the other doctors’ offices who had also had breast augmentation were evasive and apprehensive about giving me information about what their experience was like. I wanted every question I had to be answered and did not want to experience any anxiety when I walked out the door.

Dr. Angelchik’s office was just better able to inform me what my experience was going to be like than the other doctors’ offices were able to.

Interviewer: What about your interaction specifically with Dr. Angelchik led you choose him as your surgeon?
Linda: I saw Dr. Angelchik for about an hour at the consult. I shared with him my concerns, told him what I was looking for, and it just felt right from there. He was very upfront when I met with him. He sat down and talked with me, and he was very sincere and patient. He seemed very calm, and I liked that. He obviously has a very busy schedule but he made it seem like he could have spent the entire afternoon answering my questions. I liked him being very honest and patient with me.

Comparing the other doctors to Dr. Angelchik, including the initial packet of information I received from Dr. Angelchik’s office and the initial contacts with his office, overall Dr. Angelchik was very informative, very conclusive, very personable and he made me feel very comfortable. He told me exactly what was going to happen and what he could offer me. He was not boastful, he did not brag, he was not egotistical or overconfident. He was very down-to-earth. It was like sitting across from somebody who perceived himself to be at my level.
I had scheduled two consults with other doctors that I cancelled because I thought it felt right. He was the doctor who I wanted to perform my procedure.

Some doctors try to talk over you, and he in no way, shape or form did that. He was very nice – a wonderful person and I had a great experience with him. I was very confident in his skill and I am very pleased with the outcome.

I went home after the appointment, I slept on it and then called the office the next morning, came back in, made my appointment, paid my money and then had the procedure done. And I was never nervous about him doing the procedure. I had hesitation and anxiety when I left some of the other doctors’ offices, but when I left Dr. Angelchik’s office, I had none.

Interviewer: Describe for me your interaction with Dr. Angelchik’s office right before and after your surgery.
Linda: You know what – I had little interaction because I had no problems! I did go in for a 24-hour consult. Dr. Angelchik removed the bandages and then I went shopping, I went to a birthday party, I went out to dinner and did a little bit of dancing that night. I went back after a couple of days, and I felt they already looked perfect. I did not bruise, I did not swell, I stayed the same size.

Interviewer: How would you describe the recovery period after your surgery in comparison to what you expected?
Linda: I had no problems, and I took no pain medicine. I had the most wonderful experience having this procedure done. So there was nothing negative about the procedure, and nothing negative about the outcome.

Interviewer: How accurately did Dr. Angelchik and his staff describe the process and experience of having plastic surgery to you?
Linda: Extremely accurately – on a scale of 1-10 in terms of accuracy where 10 is the most accurate, I would give their description a 10. They were very precise – we discussed in detail the positives and negatives of having the procedure, and I was fine. Nothing went astray with my procedure, not post-procedure, not in my recovery, not in the 8 weeks it’s been done. Everything has been perfect.

Interviewer: Were there any pleasant surprises, in your opinion, regarding either the process or the experience of having surgery?
Linda: Yes, the results were better than what I was expecting. My breasts are beautiful – they’re perfect, my scars are hidden, they’re shapely, they look so natural. They’re soft – that’s a big thing – and they are so natural feeling and looking. They move, they bounce, it’s amazing. Probably my biggest surprise is that they feel so incredibly natural.

Also, you know what else is surprising, I did not bruise. Dr. Angelchik has a very gentle touch. I don’t know how to explain it.

Interviewer: Now that you’ve had plastic surgery, how happy are you with the results?
Linda: I’m ecstatic.

Interviewer: Would you recommend Dr. Angelchik to other women who are interested in plastic surgery?
Linda: Absolutely – I have given his name to three of my friends. If I could recommend breast augmentation to every woman in the world, I would. I had such a positive experience. One of my girlfriends did not get out of bed for ten days — her husband had to help her. I can’t say enough positive things about the whole situation — about meeting Dr. Angelchik and his patient coordinator, having the procedure, the post-op care, the follow-up, everything.

Interviewer: Again, thanks so much for your time and candid answers, Linda.

Dr. Angelchik’s Note: This interview is from a patient of ours from the summer of 2002 who underwent breast augmentation through an inframammary fold ( under the breast ) incision with placement behind the pectoralis major muscle. As with most of my patients ” Linda” had placement of smooth, round implants. While her experience was typical in many ways, most patients have more discomfort and will have some swelling which settles over 2 – 3 weeks. Bruising can occur in some cases but is usually mild. We don’t recommend dancing or other strenuous physical activity for our patients the day after surgery. Low impact aerobic activities can be resumed after one week in most cases, with more intensive exercise after 4 – 6 weeks . As with any surgery, there are associated risks which we review in detail at the time of consultation with our patients.