Everyone’s heard of BOTOX®  – whether we’re reading about celebrities in the tabloids or we know someone who is considering it. On the flip side, not everyone knows how safe and effective BOTOX®  really is. BOTOX®  is an ideal option to achieve your aesthetic goals of looking younger and feeling more energized and confident.

You may wonder about how safe is BOTOX®? Since is the brand name of a toxin produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. In small, diluted amounts, it can be injected directly into specific muscles to successfully treat facial creases and wrinkles. In 2002, the FDA approved BOTOX®  for treating any moderate or severe frown lines between the eyebrows – called glabellar lines. Call 602-375-8888 to learn more.

What Can BOTOX®  Do?

In essence, what the botulinum toxins in a BOTOX®  injection do is to block the normal signals that tell your muscles to contract. When this stoppage occurs, it means that the area of the BOTOX®  injection cannot wrinkle. BOTOX®  can do the following:

  • Banish any unsightly neck banding (turkey neck)
  • Clear your crow-s feet
  • Remove unwanted wrinkles

Our Scottsdale BOTOX® ® specialist, Dr. Paul Angelchik,  provides a topical numbing cream on your injection site to reduce any possible unpleasant sensitivities. Results typically provide their full effect in approximately one week.

Potential Side Effects

With any medical treatment, including Scottsdale skin care therapies, there is a little discomfort and the potential for temporary and minor reactions. Some of the slight inconveniences may be:

  • Slight irritation or swelling
  • Injection site numbness
  • Mild bruising

Our Scottsdale BOTOX® ® specialist is a highly qualified plastic surgeon who provides resources which explicitly reduce any possible risk of complication.

To find out how BOTOX® ® Cosmetic reinvigorates and revitalizes your natural beauty, please contact Paul Angelchik, MD. Call 602-375-8888 to schedule your preliminary consultation.