When choosing a Scottsdale plastic surgeon to perform your cosmetic procedure, you’ll have many options. And you will be looking at a number of factors. This can make things confusing and a little difficult.

Experience and skill are the crucial elements to consider when looking at Scottsdale plastic surgeons, but while experience can be measured, skill is a little more intangible. And you want to know more about a surgeon than just a number of years spent performing procedures.

That’s where board certification proves exceptionally helpful. A board-certified plastic surgeon is one who has experience and has also demonstrated a high level of performance over the years.

If you’re a Scottsdale, Arizona resident looking for the right, board-certified plastic surgeon, please call Dr. Paul Angelchik, MD today at 602-375-8888.

What Does Board Certification Mean?

The important thing to understand is doctors are not required to demonstrate specific, specialized skill in plastic surgery in order to perform cosmetic procedures. All a doctor needs is a medical school degree and a license from the state of Arizona, and he or she can perform those procedures.

This isn’t right for you. You don’t want a doctor who has focused on a completely different field and is performing cosmetic procedures on the side. Instead, you want a true specialist.

Board certification is not some meaningless title that every doctor is granted or that a physician can buy his or her way into. Instead, it is a measure of the Scottsdale plastic surgeon’s dedication to plastic surgery.

Dr. Angelchik is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the pre-eminent certification body in the country. This means he has:

  • Completed residencies in both plastic and general surgery
  • Passed a series of rigorous oral and written exams
  • Completed re-certification procedures at periodic intervals

That last feature is particularly important. Board certification is not a life-long distinction; it must be maintained and updated throughout a doctor’s career. This means demonstrating a thorough understanding of the newest, most advanced surgical techniques and standards.

Dr. Angelchik has worked to achieve these distinctions because he believes in maintaining the highest standards in his office. This protects you, and it ensures that your experience with our Scottsdale plastic surgeon will be a positive one.

If you live in the Scottsdale, Arizona area and you think ours is the right plastic surgeon for you, please contact Dr. Paul Angelchik, MD today.