Breast Enhancement

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Breast Enhancement Surgery Phoenix and Glendale, AZ

Breast enhancement procedures are among the most popular cosmetic treatments performed today. Women from diverse backgrounds with diverse goals and diverse physiques agree that breast enhancement improves their self-confidence and delivers a new outlook on life. Plastic surgeon Paul Angelchik, MD, is pleased to offer his Phoenix patients a full range of breast enhancement services and would be happy to consult with you to discuss your options. Please contact our Phoenix plastic surgeon today at 602-375-8888 to arrange an appointment.

Breast augmentation is the first thing many women think of when considering breast enhancement because of its ability to improve not just the size but shape of the breasts. Dr. Angelchik places your choice of saline or silicone breast implants into one or both breasts in order to

  • Enlarge the breast
  • Improve the shape of the breast
  • Correct asymmetry issues

Breast lift is a procedure that can dramatically improve the overall shape and structure of the breasts. Age, gravity, motherhood, and weight fluctuations can all promote sagging or drooping of the breasts, but a breast lift can reverse these effects. By lifting the overall breast and repositioning the nipple, Dr. Angelchik delivers a more youthful appearance.

Breast reduction can relieve pain and reduce feelings of self-consciousness in women who have naturally very large breasts. Breast reduction aims to eliminate such issues as

  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • Difficulty finding well-fitting clothing
  • Disproportionate figure
  • Discomfort or embarrassment when playing sports

Asymmetric breast surgery aims to bring differently sized breasts into balance through augmentation, reduction, lift, or a combination thereof. While some degree of asymmetry is normal, some women’s breasts may be dramatically different. Asymmetric breast surgery corrects this imbalance to deliver a natural-looking, youthful appearance.

Breast reconstruction surgery is performed to rebuild the breasts of women who have lost one or both breasts to mastectomy. In some cases, this procedure may be partially covered by insurance plans, and most women who receive breast reconstructive surgery find that it is a critical part of recovering from their loss. Dr. Angelchik offers both implant and tissue flap based breast reconstructive procedures and will consult with you to determine what’s right for you.

Breast enhancement is a highly personal decision, but all patients have a common goal of improving their appearance. To learn more about your breast enhancement options and to schedule an appointment with our Phoenix plastic surgeon, please contact Paul Angelchik, MD, today at 602-375-8888. Dr. Angelchik serves clients throughout Arizona including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and surrounding areas.