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How to Get Rid of Enlarged Male Breasts

Dr. Paul Angelchik is a Phoenix plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Angelchik is well-trained and experienced in all forms of plastic surgery, namely breast enhancement and facial rejuvenation. He has been serving patients for over 20 years. Dr. Angelchik brings his surgical experience, expertise, and quality care to patients in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

How to Get Rid of Enlarged Male BreastsEnlarged male breasts (gynecomastia) affects an estimated 60 percent of men. Gynecomastiatypically occurs during adolescence or in men over the age of 50, but it can also be caused by medications, obesity and genetics. Exercise and a healthy diet can help men lose weight, but gynecomastia is a medical condition that may or may not subside on its own.

Regardless of the reason behind gynecomastia, enlarged breasts cause many men to feel embarrassed, and men can also experience pain due to the distended tissue. Luckily, there are treatments that can alleviate what many refer to as “man boobs.”

Treating Gynecomastia Through Breast Reduction and/or Liposuction

Our board-certified plastic surgeon can excise your breast gland tissue and remove any excess fat and sagging skin through breast reduction and liposuction. These plastic surgeries are commonly performed together to restore a masculine contour without creating deep, noticeable scars. Your gynecomastia treatment will be tailored to you and done under general anesthesia.

Dr. Angelchik has performed many gynecomastia procedures to get rid of enlarged breasts in men, and many of our patients are more than satisfied with their results.

There’s no need to be self-conscious of your excess breast tissue. With breast reduction and liposuction, you can have the aesthetic results you’re looking for and be proud to show off your new chest.

If you or a loved one struggles with enlarged male breasts, call our plastic surgeon in Scottsdale today at 602-375-8888 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Angelchik provides experienced plastic surgery to patients throughout Arizona including Scottsdale, Glendale, Phoenix and surrounding areas.

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