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How to Speed Up Your Blepharoplasty Recovery

Dr. Paul Angelchik is a Phoenix plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Angelchik is well-trained and experienced in all forms of plastic surgery, namely breast enhancement and facial rejuvenation. He has been serving patients for over 20 years. Dr. Angelchik brings his surgical experience, expertise, and quality care to patients in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

If you’ve decided to schedule your blepharoplasty surgery with Dr. Paul Angelchik, you likely want to see your final results as soon as possible. Recovery can seem long and difficult if you don’t know what to expect. Recovery is the most important part of your surgical process, and it’s important to be prepared. As your surgery date approaches, it can be helpful to your future self to learn more about the recovery process and how you can ensure it goes smoothly and successfully. Here are some of the top ways to improve your blepharoplasty recovery and speed up your final results.

Prepare For Recovery

Preparing yourself for recovery can help you be more comfortable later on. Take some time to stock up on materials you might need for recovery and prepare some easily accessible meals. Make sure you have plenty of entertainment like audiobooks or podcasts (since your vision may be blurry or sensitive) to keep yourself occupied for the first phase of your recovery.

Follow Instructions

Dr. Angelchik has decades of experience in cosmetic surgery and will give you a detailed aftercare plan to follow. Sticking to these instructions is essential in ensuring your body can recover quickly. If you have any questions, make sure to contact our team.

Prepare Yourself Emotionally

Surgery of any kind can be a taxing experience. Because the goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve the appearance of your face or body, it can be difficult to see swelling, bruising, or redness. Keep in mind that these side effects are only temporary – you’ll need to trust the process and follow directions as best as possible to get best results.

Use Sun Protection

Sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of visible scarring and premature aging. Make sure to apply sunscreen daily and wear UV-blocking sunglasses and a hat when you’re outside. 

Don’t Strain Your Eyes

Blepharoplasty can cause your eyes to fatigue if you are looking at screens or reading for long periods in the early postoperative period. This will improve over time. Drops will be provided to prevent dry eyes. Although it might be your go-to option for resting and recovering, avoid activities like reading, using devices, or watching TV for several hours at a time.  You may even need to wear sunglasses if your eyes are especially photosensitive.


The best thing you can do for yourself when recovering is resting. A lack of sleep can slow down your body’s ability to heal, meaning that napping or sleeping should be an essential part of your recovery schedule. This means avoiding strenuous activities and maintaining a calm and relaxing environment, too.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking can slow down your recovery, as well as compromise your results by causing visible aging. Plan to stop smoking until you’re fully recovered – or consider taking the opportunity to stop altogether.

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