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Questions about Breast Reduction

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Dr. Paul Angelchik is a Phoenix plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Angelchik is well-trained and experienced in all forms of plastic surgery, namely breast enhancement and facial rejuvenation. He has been serving patients for over 20 years. Dr. Angelchik brings his surgical experience, expertise, and quality care to patients in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

If you are at least 18 years old, are in good health, and want to reduce the size of your breasts, then you are a candidate for breast reduction surgery. You should also have fully developed breasts. Candidates also include those who have physical discomfort in the shoulders, neck and back due to the size of their breasts, or are self-conscious about their breast size. A large breast size can affect your posture, limit physical activities, and cause skin or breathing problems. You can discuss this further with Dr. Angelchik during your consultation.

What is the breast reduction procedure like?

Before the general procedure begins, you will be placed under general anesthesia. An incision will be made from the areola to the base of the breast, and breast tissue is then removed. This includes fat, excess glandular tissue, as well as skin. If only fatty tissue is removed, a liposuction may be performed. Once your new breast size and shape has been completed, the nipple is aligned to match this. Dr. Angelchik will then stitch up the incisions, place a gauze dressing over the area, and use a bandage or surgical bra to then cover the gauze.

How long will it take before I can return to my normal activities?

This all depends on how your healing goes. In the days following your procedure, you will feel pain and discomfort. You will be given a pain medication prescription to cope with this aspect. You will have the bandages removed after a couple of days, but will have to wear a surgical bra all the time until the swelling and bruising have subsided. It can take several weeks before the swelling is completely gone. If the stitches are not absorbable, they will be removed after two weeks. Around this time, you may be able to return to work, but it is recommended that you avoid strenuous activity or exercise until Dr. Angelchik believes you are able to do it without injuring yourself.

What are the risks of the breast reduction procedure?

The invasiveness of the breast reduction surgery depends on the size and shape of your breasts. Skin, tissue, and fat are all moved around during the procedure, which can take time. Younger women who have less sagging and better skin contraction may not have as invasive a surgery as women who have larger breasts where sagging and excessive tissue may have to be removed. Also, because this procedure is surgery, there are other risks. Reactions to the anesthetic, asymmetry, blood clots, infection, scarring, and nerve damage are possibilities, but the risk of any of these occurring is extremely small. By following Dr. Angelchik’s instructions, you should heal as well as you can. Another possible risk is that breast feeding may become more difficult after this procedure.

What are the long term effects of breast reduction surgery?

A full year may pass before your breasts have been completely established to their new size and shape. Pregnancy and fluctuations in weight can impact the way your breasts will look after time. Scarring will fade, but this may take longer for some people than it does for others. If you would like to learn more about breast reduction surgery in the Glendale or Phoenix, Arizona area, please contact Dr. Angelchik for an initial consultation. Serving patients in Glendale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Peoria, Surprise, Mesa, and surrounding Arizona communities.

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