Pregnancy, losing the baby weight and breastfeeding can all stretch breast skin and tissue. If you’re a woman in and around Scottsdale, Arizona, Dr. Paul Angelchik can help you restore your pre-pregnancy bust with breast augmentation surgery.

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Breast Augmentation Benefits

Breast augmentation involves the surgical placement of saline or silicone implants underneath the breast muscle or tissue. For women looking to take back their bodies after baby, breast augmentation can:

  • Correct sagging caused by weight fluctuation and breast feeding
  • Restore fullness
  • Give your breasts a more youthful appearance and shape
  • Decrease the size of the areolas (area around the nipples)

Though breast implants can increase bust size, they also can give the breasts a more appealing shape and correct size differences resulting from pregnancy, shifting body weight, age and other factors.

Mommy Makeover

Dr. Angelchik includes breast augmentation as part of the Mommy Makeover body contouring process. After your family is complete and your children are past breastfeeding age, the Mommy Makeover can help you attain a more youthful body through a combination of procedures including breast enhancement, a tummy tuck and more.

What to Expect From Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Like any surgery, breast augmentation requires post-operative time to recover. Most women can return to work within a week of the procedure, but it can take up to eight weeks to recover full range of motion in the pectoral muscles. In order to keep your recovery on track, your plastic surgeon will provide you with:

  • A surgical dressing to cover incisions and provide comfort and support in the first two to three days after the procedure
  • A tight-fitting garment similar to a sports bra to continue post-operative support for a week or more
  • Medication to control discomfort and relax the muscles, as well as an antibiotic to prevent possible infection

By following your plastic surgeon’s instructions, you can once again have the youthful, shapely bust you had before baby.

To arrange a consultation to discuss how breast augmentation can help you reclaim your figure before pregnancy, please contact Scottsdale-area plastic surgeon Dr. Angelchik today.