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Medical director and board–certified Plastic Surgeon, Paul Angelchik MD, blends his extensive surgical experience with medical grade skin care, lasers and injectables to deliver beautiful, proven benefits. Whether alone or combined with surgical procedures, the results–oriented approach, we employ at Claro is designed to produce significant visible improvement in your skin’s health and appearance.

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The Angelchik Difference

Learn more about our philoshophy and follow the patient journey to see what makes us
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Surgeon Consultation

All patient consultations are conducted with Board Certified surgeon Dr Angelchik and full medical history is discussed.

Custom & Personalized

Recommendations are made based on the patient’s expressed interests, health history and physical examination.

Personalized Experience

Our staff offers a personalized experience for each patient with an educational and reassuring environment.

Highly Rated

Consistenly rated highly on RealSelf, HealthGrades and Google. Listed in Best Doctors from 1996 – 1999 and again in 2009 – 2010.


Dr Angelchik was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 1996 and successfully completed a rigorous recertification process in 2008. He is also a member in good standing of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


We are proud to offer patient financing through programs specifically designed to assist the needs of cosmetic surgery patients. We also offer alternative financing options through online lending resources.

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FotoFacial RF®

For clients desiring smooth skin with even tones, The Syneron E-light IPL FotoFacial RF™ is a great option. Powered by revolutionary Elos technology, the combination of energies offers a complete solution to the challenges of skin treatment with reduced overall required energy output–enabling safe, effective treatments. Effectively treats Rosacea flushing, redness, ruddy complexion, broken capillaries, spider veins of the face, sun spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, cholasma, mask of pregnancy, multiple freckles, sun damage, aging signs of the hands, neck (poiklioderma), and chest. This treatment also helps to improve dull skin, unwanted pigmentation, fine lines and large pores to give you a glowing complexion.

RefirmTM Skin Tightening

Refirm ST on the Syneron eLight combines infrared light and radiofrequency energy through Elos technology to tighten skin with no downtime and minimal discomfort. For patients who aren’t ready for facial surgery or just want to tighten loose skin and wrinkles, Refirm is a great non-invasive option. Combine Refirm ST with the Fotofacial RF for a great rejuvenating package.

Matrix IR™Fractional

The combination of elos technology enables penetration of heat to the deeper connective tissues within targeted areas. This stimulates collagen to produce a firming effect of lax skin. The treatment is great for mild to moderate wrinkles, where more firming is needed in deeper levels of the dermis. Combined Fotofacials and Refirm treatments, create the ultimate skin rejuvenation called the TRINITY.

Levulan® Fotofacial

Levulan photodynamic therapy supercharges the Fotofacial™ results with particular improvement for clients with oily and acne skin, as well as advanced sun damage. Levulan is a topically applied photosensitizer which, when activated by IPL light helps to destroy abnormal cells while improving unwanted pigmentation, redness, and skins oil gland activity.

High Frequency Treatment

This treatment removes small lesions such as telangiectasia, cholesterol deposits, cherry angiomas, spider naevi, skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia and broken blood vessels using high frequency wavelength to remove these small lesions. This treatment is non-invasive, precise and rapid with visible, immediate results and minimal discomfort.

Waxing Services

  • Eyebrow design and touch up
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Full Face

Skin Care Treatments




Microdermabrasion by Parisian Peel
This procedure  provides an effective, non-chemical, full-face exfoliation. Outer layers of dead skin cells are exfoliated using a machine that disperses crystals with a gentle vacuum suction, revealing smoother, younger skin and is also great for clearing pigment after receiving Fotofacial treatments or adding to prior chemical peels.
$125 or 3 for $300 face (call for price on body treatments)

Dermaplane & Enzyme Treatment
A favorite of our patients is the ZO medical system. This treatment begins with the removal of top layer dead skin cells and facial hair. An enzyme gel containing papain, bromelain and skin soothing ingredients is then gently massaged into the skin. This treatment is great between microdermabrasion or chemical peel treatments to calm and cool the skin, leaving you with a healthy glow. Dermaplane can also be added prior to some chemical peels.
$25 add-on Hydrating & Brightening mask

Oxygenating Trio*
Great for all skin types and conditions because oxygen is essential for healthy skin.  This treatment helps to boost tissue respiration and stimulate the skin’s metabolism, rejuvenate tired skin and leave you with a healthy glow. This treatment is also an excellent choice for pregnant woman.

Oxygenating Peel
All of the benefits of the oxygenating trio with the addition of 1 or 2 layers of the PCA peel.  This treatment is great for those who smoke and have thick oily skin.

Ultra Peel II*
This non-acid peel has a neutral pH treatment and is ideal for soothing sensitive skin while delivering smoothing and hydrating benefits.  It contains potent phytohormones that help the skin build collagen and bind moisture.
$20 Add on to any treatment / No extra charge for treatments above $ 120

Smoothing Body Peel Treatment*
This treatment is formulated to smooth, firm and hydrate while simultaneously evening skin discoloration.  This treatment first provides potent ingredients to soften and hydrate the skin while delivering peeling agents to effect dramatic changes in the appearance and texture of the skin.  This advanced body peel’s active blend of TCA, lactic and salicylic acids is an excellent choice for treating arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet.
$75 – $95

Level I Peels*
Level I peels contains Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic acid which is truly suited for every skin type. This peel stimulates the skins cell turnover, regulates oily skin, treats mild acne, evens out the skin complexion and reduces fine lines.  A perfect choice for that “first time” peel patient with sensitive skin or even Rosacea. This peel creates little to no burning or stinging sensation of the skin.

Level II Peels *
Level II peels are medium strength peel exfoliates, lightens, reduces breakouts, controls oil, minimizes fine lines, and smoothes skin.  The strength of the peel increases based on the number of layers applied and the type of peel. These peels  are  an anti-bacterial treatment which contains lightening properties which treat acne, sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles.

Level III Peels*
Level II peels  are  double the strength of the above peels. These treatments are very effective for stubborn pigmentation, help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and stimulates collagen. Combined with Ultra Peel II, with no extra charge, the treatment delivers ultimate glow and hydration for the skin.

Power Peels

Level IV Peels Power Peel with Dermaplaning
Level IV Peels provides the benefits of medical dermaplaning and chemical exfoliation.  The peel solution is applied following the dermaplaning, allowing the solution to penetrate deeper and much more effectively. Instant, radiant results for most skin types. Improves a range of skin concerns including photo damage and achieves a better texture and tone. This superficial exfoliation requires little to no downtime.  A series of 3 peels provides the best overall results.
$135 or 3 for $335

Level V Peels Power Peel with Microdermabrasion
Level V Peels provides the benefits of medical Microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliation.  The peel solution is applied following the Microdermabrasion, allowing the solution to penetrate deeper and much more effectively. Instant, radiant results for most skin types. Improves a range of skin concerns including photo damage and achieves a better texture and tone.  A series of 3 to 6 peels provides the best overall results and maintenance.
$175 or 3 for $465

Level VI Peels * Jan Marini Transform Peel  
The Transform Peel utilizes a high concentration of multiple acids to lift pigment and aggressively resurface the skin for overall skin rejuvenation. Retinol, peptides and antioxidants enhance efficacy and overall results.  Skin peels for about 1 week and Dermaplane treatment with an added hydrating mask is recommended a week after the peel to remove dry skin and restore hydration.

Level VII Peels* Vi peel
The Vi Peel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types, for dramatic results with virtually no pain. The Vi Peel will improve the tone, texture and clarity of your skin, reduce or eliminate age spots, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation, including melasma, soften lines and wrinkles, clear acne skin conditions, reduce or eliminate acne scars and stimulate the production of collagen, for firmer, more youthful skin.

Micro-needling by Dermapen* – NEW
This is everyone’s new favorite treatment! Fractional Micro-needling uses an 11 needles-disposable cartridges to pierce the skin in a controlled and precise pattern to induce product penetration and  collagen production to tighten, rejuvenate, reduce acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is safe for all skin types, and has short treatment time, with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort when numbing cream  is used prior to procedure.  Series of 5 is recommended in 3-4 week intervals.
$250 each or series of 5 treatments for $1100


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*Denotes a procedure that may be combined with microdermabrasion or dermaplaning.

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