Breast Reduction Surgery

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Many Scottsdale, Glendale and Phoenix Arizona breast reduction patients have benefited from the skill and experience of Dr. Angelchik.

Arizona breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is performed to enhance the appearance of the breasts by lifting them and creating a shapelier, more proportionate breast. For many patients, the procedure can alleviate the physical and psychological discomfort of living with very large breasts. Exceptionally large breasts can be disabling in terms of back, neck, and shoulder pain. It is often difficult for these women to find brassieres or clothing that fit properly. They may feel self-conscious in public and avoid activities which make their breasts stand out (such as jogging or aerobics). Breast reduction surgery can help.

Breast Reduction Procedure

Surgery is done in an ambulatory surgery center or hospital setting. The vast majority of patients go home the same day. Patients with other medical problems may be hospitalized overnight when indicated, but this is rare. Dr. Angelchik most often performs a Vertical Reduction Mammaplasty (sometimes referred to erroneously as a Le Jour technique) through a "lollipop" incision and finds that this technique provides a natural, pleasing, long-lasting shape to the reduced breast. Larger breast reduction candidates may require an "anchor" shaped incision and/or free nipple areola grafts, but for most patients this is not necessary.

Liposuction of subcutaneous fat in the lateral chest wall may be incorporated into the procedure to contour this region, but is not usually used for major volume reduction. Procedures are performed under general anesthesia with a board certified anesthesiologist. The surgery typically takes 2 -3 hours. It may take longer in extremely large cases. Tissue removed at surgery is sent for pathology review as a small percentage of breasts will contain an occult breast cancer.

Breast Reduction Post-Surgery

Drains are used for 5-6 days and removed in the office. Skin sutures are absorbable and do not require removal. Pain after surgery is described by most patients as moderate, rather than severe. If liposuction is performed, this is typically the most uncomfortable area, and is described as "sore". Pain medication and antibiotics are provided for use after the procedure. Patients are carefully followed after surgery at our office for one year. Most patients go back to work or school at two weeks, longer if they have a physically demanding job.

A non-underwire bra is required for 4 weeks or longer if there are any healing problems on the suture line. A screening mammogram is recommended 6 - 12 months after surgery to establish a postoperative baseline, which demonstrates any changes from surgery, which may influence the interpretation of future studies. Smokers are not candidates for breast reduction unless they have completely stopped for at least a month before surgery because of the higher risk of wound healing complications.

Breast reduction patients are generally very satisfying to work with because the operation makes such a positive difference in their lives. For most women the surgery is very effective at relieving symptoms of pain and muscle strain. Patient satisfaction is typically very high. It may be less effective if there is underlying arthritis or other musculoskeletal problems contributing to discomfort.

Questions about Breast Reduction

Major breast reduction complications are rare.

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